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Watch Jonny Telafone Get His Tinder Swipe On

Directed by HTRK's Jonnine Standish and featuring a verse from US rapper Bones, the video for "Waking Up Crying" is an open paean to heartbreak.

Tinder swipes and public displays of falling apart dominate “Waking Up Crying”, the latest video for the emotionally raw Jonny Telafone.

Taken from the album Romeo Must Cry, released earlier this year through Chapter Music, the track which includes a verse from Bones, is an open paean to heartbreak.

Directed by HTRK’s Jonnine Standish and her friend Frank Valvo, founder of Melbourne’s iconic Fur Hairdressing, the video features Telafone at his most vulnerable.


“Haunted by the psychic energy of a girlfriend from a past life, Jonny attempts to find her on the monogamous dating app”, explains Standish. “Jonny adds relentlessly to the one billion swipes per day. After months of swiping left he sees her and swipes right. It's a match. The two have a first date at the hip new restaurant 'Supernormal'. After some easy small talk, something doesn't feel right.”

The filming was tough on Jonny both emotionally and physically as he deals with a dud date and minor hypothermia.

“Waking up Crying” is the toughest song about crying probably ever made. Making the video was weird cause lots of citizens were giving me strange looks when I was doing my hand moves. Everyone was kind to me when I first got in the fountain which was freezing but after the second or third take I was shaking severely and no helping hand or dry towel came to my aid. I've been seriously, maybe permanently weakened as a result.”

‘Romeo Must Cry’ is available on vinyl, CD and digitally through Chapter Music.