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Watch iLoveMakonnen's New "Rumor" Video

Don't let 'em start the rumor otherwise: This video is sweet!

iLoveMakonnen just wrapped up a European tour, which, for those of us who follow him on Instagram, has meant an array of very cool pictures of, say, random spots in Belgium and huge festival shows in Denmark and lots of reminders that Makonnen is, any reasonable person would agree, the heir to a grand artistic tradition dating back hundreds of years and encompassing many of your favorite Renaissance painters and stuff. For those who haven't been paying attention, the "Rumor" video, directed by Kyle Seago, offers a nice window into Makonnen's life in summer 2015.


Makonnen has always been best when you think of him as a singer-songwriter as much as a rapper—check out this winter's Phantom Posse release for further evidence—and "Rumor" is him at his most singer-songwriter-y, warbling over acoustic guitar. It's real, it's profound, and it's perfectly echoed in the slow motion black and white of this video, which focuses mostly on a live show in front of an intimate crowd. Get in your feelings and watch it below: