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Watch Tyler the Creator Get Attacked by a Mob in His Provocative "Buffalo" Video

The surprise release also includes a faux live performance of "Find Your Wings."

It's been a busy week for Tyler, the Creator. Just yesterday the Odd Future co-founder announced the launch of a new animated series, "The Jellies," out on his Golf Media app. Now, following some vague Twitter teases, he's dropped the video for "Buffalo" off of his fourth LP Cherry Bomb.

Directed under his Wolf Haley alias, it's one of the most striking, though not exactly surprising, videos he's put out in a long time and it visually expands on the track's lyrical themes. The video opens with Tyler, covered in white body paint, hanging by a noose from a tree as an angry, pitchfork-wielding mob approaches him. Things escalate from there.

But it's not all scathing diatribes and controversial imagery—the video cuts to a faux live performance of Cherry Bomb jam "Find Your Wings" on the set of a retro TV show, where Tyler's joined by Left Brain, Syd tha Kyd, Kali Uchis and others (he notes that uncredited guest singer Roy Ayers "couldn't make it today").

Fans are already theorizing that the video is a sequel to "Yonkers," which ends with Tyler hanging from a noose (also: there's a flashback to "She", Yonkers and Buffalo are both cities in New York, they're both the second tracks on their respective albums, etc etc). It's probably not, but decide for yourself by checking out the video below.

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