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Man Don't Care: Get Ready for 'NOISEY London' with This Grime Playlist, Bruv

'NOISEY London' airs tonight at 10 PM EST on VICELAND.

Kano in NOISEY London

Tonight, on the season finale of NOISEY, we're in London covering Grime, an energetic DIY music and lifestyle likened to hip-hop but descended from the dance music, UK garage. Like hip-hop, Grime runs the gamut from portraying street life in some of the roughest parts of the inner city, to serving as a fun, bouncy, party soundtrack, but despite the music's rising global popularity, Grime shows are still heavily targeted by London police.

Below, check out some music from the grime MCs featured in tonight’s episode like Skepta, Kano, Giggs, JME, and more.

Our season finale, NOISEY London, is on tonight at 10 PM EST on VICELAND.