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Staff Picks and Good Shit for the Week of April 3

Here's what the Noisey editors were listening to this week while thinking about how generally amazing The Rock is.

Another Friday is upon us and since we know you’re gonna be getting the Uber driver to pass you the AUX cord this weekend, here are some things we have been blasting this week here in the Noisey office. Maybe the Uber driver will let you play some of them. If not, give that motherfucker one star.

Soda Bomb – “Fucked Up”

There’s a Soda Bomb song on their dirtbag-posi new album Wanna Jam? that goes “fuck the police, fuck the government, fuck the jocks, and the hipster scumbags.” I’m an adult man. Making fun of jocks and using the word “hipster” for me is akin to wearing drop crotch pants. Aimlessly screaming “fuck the police, fuck the government!” in a song is so trite and sophomoric at this point in music history but goddamn if these Long Island kids can’t make it sound like an original creation.


Dan Ozzi, Editor
Dan on Noisey | Dan on Twitter

Fetty Wap & Bauuer - "Promises"

This song sounds like the type of thing you'd hear after beating a video game and you're forced to watch a roll of credits no matter how many times you press start. I don't know if my favorite thing about this track is the horns that sound like farts, or Fetty Wap rhyming over these fart horns, or how this song just makes me happy on a very primal level. It's probably Fetty Wap over farts, if we're being honest.

Slava Pastuk, Noisey Canada Editor
Slava on Twitter | Slava on Noisey

Electric Wizard - "Torquemada 71"

I'm lucky enough to have seen the formerly-reclusive doom titans in Electric Wizard a bunch of times over the past five years. It was quite a lot easier to do when I lived in England, mind, but now that the Wiz has finally cleared whatever hex/legal issue kept them from venturing Stateside for so long, I was able to catch them again last night with the rest of NYC (or at least, those of us who like subterranean vocals, painfully slow fuzz riffs, and didn't get enough of either at the band's Maryland Deathfest performance). I know Dopethrone is THE Electric Wizard album, but fuck it—I like Witchcult Today way more, and "Torquemada 71" is my favorite Wizard song (even if a cursory read of the lyrics reveals Jus Osborn's tenuous-at-best grasp on who Torquemada actually was). Spoiler alert: they killed it, and Liz Buckingham is forever the queen. Drop out of life with bong in hand, buds.


Kim Kelly, Contributing Editor
Kim on Noisey I Kim on Twitter

Rome Fortune feat. iLoveMakonnen - "trUe thang"

This week, our friend Makonnen released the long-awaited

Drink More Water 5

. It is a fun and good mixtape. This song, which is also on Ceej and Rome Fortune's mixtape, has the most insanely catchy hook, and it also happens to be the best love song ever. Who wouldn't want to have a true thang? And how great is that beat? Shouts out to Ceej. This week, this song was all that I needed.

Kyle Kramer, Editor
Kyle on Noisey | Kyle on Twitter

Marina and the Diamonds - "Mowgli's Road"

I've been listening to a lot of Marina and the Diamonds, but in particular I've been revisiting her earlier work when she was less glam and a lot more bonkers. Like this video for "Mowgli's Road." What the hell is going on here? She's a crazy Fraggle-Muppet wearing some truly lamentable pants. She sings, "Cuckoo!" like it's totally normal. It's a very different Marina to the one I met up with recently. Now she's sleek and super glam and her songs are less left fieldm but still a beautiful addition to the pop canon. I talked to her about self-esteem, rape culture, love, her new record Froot, and much more, which you can read here.

Kim Taylor Bennett, Style Editor
Kim on Noisey | Kim on Twitter

Chastity Belt - "Cool Slut"

I'm not going to go all gung ho feminist on any of y'all because no one likes that. HOWEVER, I've been listening to Chastity Belt nonstop for the past two months straight. This song is called "Cool Slut," and is the type of song that I would put on after going on a rant about how tight it is wearing a bra every day of my life. Also how could you not be down with the lyrics "We're just a couple of sluts / So what? / We like to fuck."

Kayla Monetta, Marketing
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