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Toronto Producer DirtyDeeds Says 'Let's Be Friends' with New EP

The EP covers every genre imaginable and features Clairmont the Second among others.
July 14, 2016, 2:28pm

A guiding force in Toronto's SNDWRx collective even though he's from Montreal, producer DirtyDeeds has dropped his surprisingly sprawling Let's Be Friends EP. Ostensibly a futuristic bass music release, the kaleidoscopic array of styles on display here is far more ambitious than the typical collective or label compilation. Brotherly Toronto MCs Clairmont the Second and Cola show up on the highlight track "Home Team," as strong a statement of hometown pride as any. Proper opening track "Origami" lives up to its name, folding into new layers and formations of piano and percussion textures.


“In 2012, I started Let’s Be Friends and scoured the depths of Craigslist to find some awesome people," says DirtyDeeds. "Just as I was getting ready to release the music, life came knocking with different plans - my house burned down and I lost everything. Once I managed to get a little footing, my new home flooded and I lived in hotel rooms with whatever I had to my name, which was basically charbroiled keyboards, computers and a whole lot of pairs of shoes - all while building SNDWRx.” Listen to Let's Be Friends and watch the video for EP cut "Focus Groups" below.

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