Get Rowdy With TV Crime and ‘Hooligans’ Their New Track of Peppy Power Punk

Power pop that sounds as good in a Nottinghamshire pub as it would a Texas dive bar.
July 2, 2016, 1:25am

Image: Andrew Greenstreet

TV Crime have the riffs, the bounce and the moves. The Nottingham four-piece bust out gnarly and melodic power punk like a defaulting candy machine spits gumballs. Songs like “Baby So Blue”, “Fake Tattoo” and “Wild One” are similar in style and delivery to the gritty power pop of Dublin’s The Number Ones and the Marked Men, Radioactivity and other bands associated with Texan punk king Mark Ryan.


Perhaps TV Crime's poppiest track is “Hooligans”, a song that sounds as good in a Nottinghamshire pub as it would a Texas dive bar or a house party anywhere.

Their debut 7-inch single is released later this month on ace UK label Static Shock.

Listen to “Hooligans” below and read a short interview with guitarist and vocalist Shaun Henchman.

Noisey: Is hooligans a term used much in Nottingham? I think of soccer hooligans. Are there many of them around?

Shaun Henchman: I’m not sure it's a term you hear that often these days. You’re correct in that it conjures up images of football casuals. Probably a few old boys kicking about in Nottingham.

Forest were kings of Europe in the late 70s so I'm sure they had their fair share. It really became a problem in the 80s. Though these days alot of it is mindless banter that doesn't normally come to much. But still there are blokes who love nothing more than kicking off at the final whistle. There's been a couple of incidents this summer so maybe it's on the rise? I think we just decided to blame the Russians.

Or is hooligan meant to represent the three guys on the album cover? Parties back then would have been a lot better. Imagine hanging out with Diamond Dave and Rodney Dangerfield!
The word has pretty aggy connotations, which is always a good vibe to tap into. I'm not sure Diamond Dave would like to be called a hooligan, more a gentlemen. Maybe he is well into his football, probably a City fan? Maybe Elton John gave him a ton of coke and tried to get him along to a few Watford games? I'm pretty sure he created his own type of chaos! The same goes for old Pee Wee. Didn't he get caught with his pants down? Pretty wild behaviour! It would have been cool to live through those times but maybe without drinking yourself into middle age oblivion! The causalities from that period are endless. Give us a pint and a bag of crisps.


You play a punky power pop that brings to mind Mark Ryan. Have the Marked Men and his bands had much of an influence on your sound?
I've heard Ghosts and Fix My Brain but don't own copies. I think a few of the guys like them. I found out about them through getting into the band Bad Sports who are from Denton, I got their tape many years ago. Great band and made me aware of Denton bands like Mind Spiders, Wax Museums. We have a show with Radioactivity at the end of July, which I also think is someone from the Marked Men and a couple guys from Bad Sports. Should be a fun night! Time to crack out the Pepsi Max.

Your record is coming out on the best label in the UK. You must be pretty stoked.
When you put it like that, it's hard not to be stoked. Best of the best! Ha! I've known Ellis for a long time but probably haven't spoken to him directly for years. He's a good chap that's not gonna fuck about and it'll be a fun positive experience. It's a good fit for us. Fingers crossed! Wild times.

TV Crime’s 7-inch will be available late July on Static Shock records.

Catch TV Crime at these shows:
Jul 15 - Kings Lynn at Speedway Stadium
Jul 29 - Sheffield at The Lughole
Jul 30 - Nottingham at Chameleon Arts Cafe
Sep 09 - Leeds at Temple of Boom