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PREMIERE: PnB Rock and Fetty Wap's "Jealous" Video Will Make You Love Life Unless You Suck

The Philly and New Jersey rappers are kindred spirits, and they say they have more music together on the way.

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Philly's PnB Rock and New Jersey's Fetty Wap are kindred spirits (not that surprising perhaps since they're only about a 90 minute drive apart from each other). Both are comfortable working in the post-regional, trap-influenced, melody-heavy world of contemporary street rap, crafting hits that lean on bars full of straightforward, good-natured truisms and catchy hooks. Both have charming cult hits and rags to riches stories (PnB's "Alone" slaps, although Fetty's admittedly a little farther along the riches part of the path). So it was only a matter of time before we found the two of them making a smash together, which we got in "Jealous."


Fetty, borrowing a hook he originally came up with for Coke Zoo cut "Whip It," succinctly reminds us what jealousy looks like, while PnB takes over for the giddy bars of the verses. "Bossed up it ain't shit you could tell us," he quips, adding later, "It feels good to get this money spend it with my gang / it feels good when i walk by and bitches scream my name."

There's pretty much nothing but good times on this track (unless you're the loser being jealous about it), so the video is, obviously, full of expensive cars, good times, and a dance party on a yacht:

The best news about these natural collaborators, though, is that this probably isn't the last we've heard of them together. PnB says they've been talking about releasing an entire tape together, and "Jealous" is only the first look at what they've got in store.

"Me and Fetty been working on a lot of records lately, that’s my bro right there," he explained over email. "‘Jealous’ was one that we both really fucked with, so it made sense to shoot a video for it. We just vibe and make dope music together. Shit comes super natural when we’re in the studio cooking. We got so many records."

Check out the video for "Jealous" below:

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