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Listen to This Previously Unheard Nirvana Show That's 25 Years Old Today

It also happened to be the night Kurt met Courtney…

Update: This live recording was pulled from YouTube. Sorry guys. Those still thirsting for more unearthed Nirvana nuggets, feast your ears on this: an alleged bootleg recording of Nirvana's 54 minute set at Portland's Satyricon, which took place 25 years ago today. Yup, not only did Nirvana play this divey club on January 12, 1990 (with the Melvins' Dale Crover still installed on drums), but this date also marks the fateful day that Courtney Love met Kurt Cobain.

According to Charles R Cross' Heavier Than Heaven: A Biography of Kurt Cobain, Courtney lured Kurt with the line: "You look like Dave Pirner." A classic case of negging, Kurt then wrestled her to the ground.

The set—which kicks off with the distorted droney tones of "Scoff" and closes with the squalling fury and feedback chaos of "Blew"—is mostly anchored with cuts from the band's 1989 debut Bleach, but also includes an early rendition of Nevermind's "Polly" and "Breed," plus the ever-brilliant rarity "Sappy," which dates back to the late 80s, but wasn't properly recorded until Albini's In Utero sessions. It was then released as a secret track on No Alternative, an AIDS benefit compilation.

If you can get past the first track the recording quality improves somewhat, but it goes without saying: this is one for the Nirvana super-nerds.