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Sheer Mag Shake a Fist on "Can't Stop Fighting"

Stream the latest cut from the Philly basement rock sensation.

The only problem with Sheer Mag is that there isn't more of it. Luckily for us, the unstoppable Philly quintet have just released another instant classic. "Cant Stop Fighting" is steeped in all the divey jukebox fury that makes these basement rockers so damn fun to watch. After dominating 2015 with just one knock-out seven-inch, II (a follow up to their self-titled EP), today's single marks the band's first punch at 2016. While there's no official news of a forthcoming record from this rock 'n' roll act, one can only hope it's soon to follow. Sheer Mag is fiercely loved and on the imminent rise, so check out "Cant Stop Fighting" below and keep an ear out for whatever they drop next.