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Canadian Black Metal Cultists Circle of Salt and Taggarik Join Forces on New Split

Looks like we've got a contender for best split release of 2016 already.

I've already written at length about the genius of Spectral Wound (and the band's predecessorm Ensorcelor, too) and stuck their latest album, Terra Nullius, on my best of 2015 list for this very site, but as it turns out, I'm still not done singing their praises. Several of the prolific musicians behind the Montreal-based black metal entity have splintered off into separate entities called Circle of Salt and Taggarik, and then combined forces anew on a short, essential split release that will see the light of day via Eternal Death next month. Long story short: it's great.

Each artist contributes one long, atmospheric track; the whole thing barely spans fifteen minutes, and is definitely not enough to satisfy—if you have even the barest appreciation for artful hypnotic black metal, you'll want to listen to this over and over again. Circle of Salt is the more established of the two, with a proper full-length preceeding this newest release, while I believe this marks Taggarik's first recorded appearance (if I'm wrong, please direct me to the band's other stuff, because after hearing "Stalwarts of Suffering," I need more). Both are fantastic. and well worth your time. Here's hoping they decide to grace us with more material soon.

For now, this most excellent of splits is out February 19, 2016 on super limited cassette. Preorder it from Eternal Death here, and stream the whole thing below.