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Did Vic Mensa Just Diss Travis Scott?

Apoca-beef now.
July 30, 2015, 1:20pm

Photo by Petya Shalamanova

At this point, there is just so much goddamn beef going on, it might as well be a Royal Rumble of beef. Nicki and Taylor, Drake and Meek, Satanists and Detroit, there's just so much. To add onto the pile, Vic Mensa apparently just dissed Travis $cott in a new freestyle called "Heir to the Throne." At 1:40 on the track below he raps the following lines:

"Black out on one of these artists sneak dissing and spot you like you wearing the red shirt at target.
Couple rap ni**as you thought we was crew (Straight Up)
Real life ni**as is corny what can I do (Straight Up)
Rich boy rappers get the notion that they tough,
You a cheddar Bob you better shooting yourself."

The "straight ups" appear to be samples of Travi$ Scott's adlibs. Moreover, other things that might be worth noting are that, since Vic's collaboration with Kanye West on "Wolves" and "U Mad," he's been looked at as the new prodigy of Ye, a label Travis Scott has held since signed to G.O.O.D. Music as a producer and helped shape Yeezus. Also, the name of this freestyle is "Heir to the Throne," and for it he hops on Biggie's "Who Shot Ya?" instrumental, paying tribute to Roc Nation boss Jay Z (with whom, uh, Kanye made a record called Watch the Throne). Are you making the connections here? It's either these, or we're looking at this too closely and really just want Meek Mill to respond to Drake. Regardless, we'll keep you updated as the story develops. You can read our interview with Vic right here.