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Mexi-French singer Andrea Balency Bewitches with "Waterfalls"

There's some definite Björk meets FKA twigs meets Bat for Lashes vibes here.
February 19, 2015, 7:00pm

Last summer French/Mexican singer Andrea Balency released her EP entitled Walls, which showcased a completely different musical direction than her previous work: She sounded more focused, for one, her music a more eerily experimental blend of R&B and electronica. Back then we premiered her flesh-tastic video for "You've Never Been Alone." Here, some six months later and we're pleased to debut "Waterfalls"—a prime cut from her forthcoming Volcano EP, out 3.16 via Bataille Music.


Balency had this to say about the song: "Waterfalls is about letting things be, letting things evolve without interfering—as if they were a wild plant which grows without anyone’s touch. In the song lyrics is repeated 3 times a bit like a mantra. It's something that I needed to believe in when I wrote it."

Essentially it’s a mesmeric blend of Bat for Lashes, FKA twigs and Björk. Not a bad bunch to fall in with. Currently Balency is working on her debut album. Take a soak in "Waterfalls" below: