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Ape Drums, Lil Uzi Vert, and Rizzoo Rizzoo Just Guaranteed All Your Parties Will Rule with "LFUTP"

The Fool's Gold producer gives two of the craziest rappers working the chaotic template for your newest jumping-on-couches anthem.

Photo courtesy of Ape Drums

Let's pinpoint this: There's a point—or hopefully a few points—in every good party in which the right song comes on and the beat drops on that song and everything seems to just explode. Drinks become airborne. Property gets damaged. Confetti might as well be falling from the ceiling while firecrackers go off. You know the moment. It is awesome. It is the stuff legends are made of.


What if I told you, gentle partygoer, that a song existed in which this moment was guaranteed to happen? Might you jump on a couch in anticipation? Is it possible you would grab some champagne just for the hell of it? Of course you would. Well, reader, such a song does exist. It is called "LFUTP," which, suitably, stands for "let's fuck up the party." It goes like this: "Let's fuck up the party / let's fuck up the party / let's fuck up the party." It continues: "Stand on the couch and let's get this ho started / let's get this ho started / let's get this ho started." The drums rattle like mortar rounds. The synths crash in like bomber planes. There's only one way to behave.

The song is by Houston producer Ape Drums, who's earned accolades from the likes of Skrillex and Sean Paul, collaborated with artists like Busy Signal and Diplo (whose Mad Decent label released the last Ape Drums EP), and landed a spot on the roster of tastemaking label Fool's Gold. And while his beat is pure, unhinged chaos, it fully comes to life under the smooth handling of Houston rapper Rizzoo Rizzoo of The Sauce Factory and Philly star-in-the-making Lil Uzi Vert, who seems to have hit the early career sweet spot where everything he touches turns to gold. If there were ever a question that these guys can start a party, well, it's answered here.

"Rizzoo and I had connected via Instagram," Ape Drums explained over email. "I told him to send me some of his music for a potential collaboration. He wanted me to remix a song off his #itzhotsauce mixtape; I told him I'd give it a go and to send me the a capella. I created a new beat entirely from scratch around it, wanting to make it a bigger sounding club joint but nothing too noisy. We both agreed to make it a new, original version, and here we are.”

There is no defining the result. It's a focused laser beam of energy guaranteed to annihilate any room it's played in. Check it out and catch Ape Drums on tour this summer on the dates below:

6/18 - Las Vegas, NV @ XS Nightclub
6/23 - El Paso, TX @ The Garden
7/1 - Chicago, IL @ Primary Night Club
7/9 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Brooklyn Mirage
7/30 - Fontana, CA @ Auto Club Speedway
7/31 - Fontana, CA @ Auto Club Speedway
9/3 - Morrison, CO @ Red Rocks Amphitheater

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