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Manchester MC Sleazy F Baby Gets Hectic On His New Video ‘All Blahk Tracksuit’

Flares, Molotov cocktails and basic anti-social behaviour star in Sleazy’s new video.

With flares, Molotov cocktails and burning housing estates, Sleazy F Baby flips the hectic switch on his new video “All Blahk Tracksuit”. Aided by Hennessy and weed, the MC from the Rusholme area of Manchester gets on some wild flows backed with solid prodcution from Lee Scott and Reklews.

Taken from his upcoming album All Blahk Tracksuit on Blah Records, the video begins with a news report of police retreating from the streets of Wythenshaw, before it follows Sleazy rapping in a bathroom and hanging from a fast moving Range Rover as it speeds through the streets at night.


It’s getting pretty obvious that Sleazy is fond of Hennessy. He brushed his teeth with the cognac on his previous video "Y.N.I.F." and in “All Blahk Tracksuit" he’s seen pouring Kim Jong-il’s drink of choice into a fry pan of pork chops.

Watch the video below and read a brief chat we had with Sleazy about the new album and getting heavy on the Henny

Noisey: Have you brushed your teeth with Hennessy before?
Sleazy F Baby: Yeah I have. This Henny stuff is a way of life: I even rub that shit on my spliffs from time to time just to keep it 100. I’m trying to get that sponsor like Nas and put Henny back in the mainstream stores for the real niggas and bitches who just wanna act buck wild, fuck and drink. HENNY BOYYYZZZZZZ SHOUT MY NIGGA RATCHET.

Where do you get it? Online? How much you pay for it?
I didn't even know you could purchase Henny online. I can't do that, I need to know my plugs authentic when I'm getting my bottles. I get mines straight from the ends from Carlton he keeps that £75 bottle for the mandem and I gotta shout out my OG Shogun for putting me onto that Black Henny. My life hasn’t been the same since.

You must be looking forward to the new album. When did you record it?
I recorded it in different parts you know I did a lot of it in 2015 but the end of 2014 was when I initially started putting my energy into making the LP and yeah I'm looking forward to it I've been waiting for this moment for a long time it's more over due then anything but I'm in a good place right now.

How much of Black Josh is on the new album?
I don't even know if I should tell you's that I know it's been a minute and everybody's anticipating my bro's return to putting out full projects but he's on more then one song just know that and know we got a lot of music on the way.

At the end of "Y.N.I.F". you step into a Nando’s but isn’t Rusholme the home of the Curry Mile? What’s the best spot on Curry Mile?
Yeah man but due to a lot of health check-ups a lot of spots ain't too official no more. All the real niggas in the shops left and a whole lot of weirdos replaced them. So we had to move to higher establishments. Now we eating better you know. My Nandos aren't cheeky, they're sleazy. Besides who else do you know that pulls up to Nandos in a fur coat and a limo to get some chicken? Don't worry I'll wait plus you know I stay wherever the chicken heads at its in my blood.

‘All Blahk Tracksuit’ is available July 1 through Blah Records.