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Watch Dutch Uncles' Super Slick Video for "In n Out"

English indie dudes write an artful ode to the California burger chain. (JK)

Manchester band Dutch Uncles have thrown us a little intro to their forthcoming album, O Shudder, with this new tune and video "In n Out." It's a song that's 100 percent not to do with the California burger chain In-N-Out, but we're 100 percent advocating that someone (literally) sings the praises of those delicious patties served up with a smile, ASAP.

Sonically this is like Duran Duran without the mullets, bandanas, collar-popped pink blazers, and superfluous scarves. That is to say it is a nimble art-pop gem. As for the accompanying visuals, Dutch Uncles weighed in with this explanation: "The video was inspired by the song’s subject matter of crossing the 'friend zone’ and how we can never quite get back to that perfect moment or 'high' once exited. It explores the concept of in and out, both literally and figuratively."

The video also works on another level, apparently, with lead singer, Duncan Wallis playing "the role of the traveller from the future who is dreaming of a female spirit who eventually expels him from the comfort and thrill of the ‘Orbus’, leaving him alone, never to return."

Intriguing, eh? Just watch.

O Shudder is out via Memphis Industries on 2.24.

Kim Taylor Bennett says: "Mmmm burgers." She's on Twitter.