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Stream the Legendary Fugazi's First Demo in Full

The demo that launched some of the greatest releases in punk history, streaming now
November 13, 2014, 10:16pm

After ten live shows, Ian, Guy, Brendan and Joe went into the studio with a guy named Don to record a demo. It's a story that has happened countless times to just as many bands, but this time that guy was Don Zientara and the band was none other than Fugazi. That 1988 demo would lead this new band, formed of members of Minor Threat, Rites of Spring and others, to refine those songs, eventually leading to the release of their classic Fugazi, Margin Walker, and 3 Song releases. As discussed, this demo is finally making it's way to the public, and now you can stream it in full ahead of its November 18 release date.


And for those who can't imagine life without new Fugazi material, the band has semi-fulfilled your wishes with its treasure trove of live recordings which is constantly updated.

Speaking of DC hardcore, check out the world premiere of Salad Days, this weekend at DOC NYC in New York City! A few tickets are still available at the door for the screening.