Watch Kanye West Perform "Gold Digger" A Cappella for the 'American Idol' Judges

"It has one of the judges' names in it."
January 4, 2016, 10:32pm

Screenshot via E!

In December, Kim Kardashian tweeted about Kanye West making an appearance on the final season of American Idol, and now you can watch that footage, via E!. And, see, here's the twist: Kanye West is auditioning! Get it, because it's like he's trying to make it on the show! Anyway, there's a cut away to Kim poorly downplaying Kanye's rapping career, and Jennifer Lopez unconvincingly acts like she doesn't know what song he's going to do right after he says he's performing an "original" that "has one of the judges' names in it." It's "Gold Digger!" A little pandering, but he wins the ticket, so it obviously was worth it. Everyone's bad acting aside, it's a rare case of Kanye acknowledging one of his biggest hits. Watch him rap it a cappella below: