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Tempers Live on the Dark Side of Paradise in Their Video for "Undoing"

What's that lurking if you can't see it?

Tempers are a duo from New York City, playing dark and riveting electronic music. A couple months ago, we premiered their song "Undoing," which was a heavy and moody trip with finely tuned synths and effects. Today, we're sharing the band's visual for the song which goes a long way to connect to the overarching sound found in "Undoing." The video features the duo in a near pitch black setting for a large portion of the video, wandering around the beachy landscape while the song chugs. Of the video, singer Jasmine Golestaneh explains:


'"The beach at night" -- that was the initial vision for the video, which we shot with director Eva Munz on Fire Island. We wanted to capture the mystery that exists under the surface of things, and then turn that environment into a performance space. So we spent two nights on the beach and in the forest, with foxes and spiders following our lights everywhere. And of course, seaweed and fog are kind of essential Tempers elements, so we felt very at home there in the darkness.'

Watch the video below, and pick up your copy of the duo's LP Services right here, or on iTunes.