This story is over 5 years old.

We're Sorry, He Had a Knife: "FWYH Freestyle" by Lil Nissan Jessica

"Music to build house arrest anklets for roaches to"

"Lil nissan jessica is a pitbull puppy in a elevator corner holding an uzi in its mouth. It is a small asian girl leading an intersession for every partially consumed hot wing. The spirit of 2pac performing dhikr in an abandoned midwestern mall. The future of rap taped to a pikachu lunch meat sculpture. The video was shot after a 3 hour tete-a-tete about suicide and travel expenses. We don't want anyone to think this is a video. We don't want anyone to think about Whitney Houston. Now you're thinking about Whitney Houston. Now think about an anime recounting her life. Lil Nissan Jessica." - Bootymath