Rich Homie Quan Calls Fan a Homophobic Slur and Compares Him to Young Thug, Young Thug Remains Unbothered

Rich Homophobic Quan will never ever stop going in, unfortunately.
December 4, 2015, 4:02pm

Photo courtesy of Instagram

Rich Homie Quan has told us time and time again that he will never stop going in, and it appears that he was alluding to rants this whole time. Most recently, Quan got upset at a male fan at a concert who touched his leg. He went off, saying that he doesn't get down like that, albeit using a much more colourful language, yelling "Get your gay ass away from me, I don’t fuck with no faggot fucks!" You can watch the video below via TMZ, in which Quan says the accused groper is "looking like Young Thug," which I would personally consider a compliment considering that every time Thugger dresses himself he goes motherfucking viral.

Being the bool, balm, and bollected person that he is, Young Thug took to Twitter to give Rich Homophobic Quan a pass, likely while draped in the finest designer clothes. Let us all pray and hope that this doesn't impede the rumoured reunion of the Rich Gang album, although it almost certainly will.

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