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Watch French Electro Artist Pyramid's Fighty Video for "Film Noir" featuring Holy Oysters

Kitsuné's latest crush, electronic producer Pyramid, shows off his split personality in the video for "Film Noir."
June 15, 2015, 1:40pm

Here are some awesome things about being in a band:

1. You always have a shoulder to crash out and dribble on in the van.

2. You can smile wryly at inside jokes that no one else can will get.

3. You can steal your bandmate's clean underwear if you forgot to bring enough yourself.

4. You're making music with your best friends (hopefully).

5. There's always someone to get smashed with after the encore.

6. You always have someone to bounce ideas off of.


The list goes on, but you get the picture.

There are plenty of downsides to being in a band though, and loads of upsides to being a one man music making machine, namely, if you're on your own you have total creative control, you don't have to split the money, you get first dibs on any groupies, and you can probably live your life not knowing what your pals sound like when they orgasm.

But sometimes total creative control can really mess with you, which is what this new video by Parisian electronic artist, Pyramid explores. The video centers around a bunch of pretty boys with floppy hair and one girl, in a band, making out and fighting and splitting apart and throwing tantrums and burning perfectly good denim jackets. So far, so standard. But hey—this is a metaphor for what's going on in Pyramid's head sometimes. When there's no one to argue with but yourself, you can bet you'll go a bit bonkers.

"Sometimes in my mind, as an electronic producer, I see myself as a band of clones struggling together to get the right place, sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's dark as a film noir," explains the producer.

Pyramid is no stranger to Kitsuné's tastemaking compilations, but for this EP he's teamed up with Crayon, and this lead track is a louche, synth-pop number, that bleeds drops of Italo disco between the bass grooves, while oozing plenty of French electro cool. Oh and it features the laconic tones of Parisian Holy Oysters on the mic. Watch.

Pyramid's four track EP, Night Tales, is out on 6.11 via Kitsuné.