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We Asked Drake Fans at 'Views From The 6' Pop-Up in "The 6" Why They Love Drake and Their Answers Sucked

Drake fans don't know the difference between a coincidence and irony. Go figure.

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I’ll say with a minor amount of shame that Drake is my favourite rapper out right now, and will probably remain so after his next album—the sure-to-be-GOAT Views from the 6—makes contact with mortal ears next week. So, it was with great excitement that, while taking a stroll to grab some almond milk yesterday, I found one of the 6 God’s infamous pop-up trucks stationed right at the end of my street. I’m usually the kind of guy to miss out on these things because I hate lines and I don’t like being used for other people’s ad campaigns. But when I realized that I was one of the first dozen people to actually get into the event, I decided I’d stick it out and be a commoner.


Over the next two hours, while Drake’s team tried to contain Toronto’s hypebeasts in a cattle-like crowd, I saw people burst into tears of happiness and recite the Boy’s songs off by heart. It was truly a biblical experience that was capped off when Drake himself actually showed up to shout out everybody who waited for his signature beard to grace their presence. Unfortunately, in my eagerness to try on the basic cotton shirt with the VIEWS logo in front of a mirror, I just missed him. Nevertheless, during my time on 567 Queen St. W, I asked some of the people who had been lined up for hours what it is about the Toronto legend that makes them so excited, and to find out if he is truly the most lit rapper alive.

Arash, 18

When did you get here?
Arash:I got here around 4:15, 4:30.

Did you see the post by Drake on his Instagram? Is that how you knew to come?
No, it was ironic! We were actually in the alleyway where they set up and were taking some cool DP photos for Facebook and that, then we saw the Views truck, and then we got to this area and the whole event started. We just got to front of the line by happenstance. It was cool.
[Author’s note: Dear Arash, that would be a coincidence, not irony.]

Are you a Drake fan?
Oh yeah, of course. I’ve only been in Toronto for seven months but the idea of the 6 God, the 6ix, it’s so hype. The shirt was awesome, but the hype and the atmosphere made it.


What’s your favourite Drake song?
"Worst Behaviour", hands down.

It’s just so hype.

Lokit, 19, and Malick, 20

So you got here early. Why?
Lokit: Yeah, well, we saw the fences and were like, “Oh my god, the 6 God! Let’s get in this shit.” It was really, really cool. This is just such a sick thing.

What about Drake makes him so sick?
Malick: Honestly, I’m a huge hip-hop fan, and it’s just this dude who made it from the 6ix to the world scene. That doesn’t happen. He came after Kanye dropped College Dropout and he changed the paradigm of mainstream hip-hop pictures in the way in which he, like, talked about his feelings and was true to himself. He’s not a kid from the streets. He puts on for the underground so much, too—he put on for The Weeknd, he put on for Skepta. I appreciate that.

What do you guys want to see in Views?
Malick: Who’s he going to cosign on the album, y’know? There’s a lot of young kids from Toronto coming up right now and I’m just curious which one of them is going to be featured. Where’s Skepta at, though? Whatever track he’s going to be on will be fire.

What’s your favourite Drake song?
Lokit: "Worst Behaviour." We both like "Worst Behaviour".

Really? Malick, is that your favourite?
Malick: I mean, cause you already said it, "Cameras" off Take Care. That song is so lit.

Daniel, 16, and Raymond, 16

When did you get here?
Daniel: Around 4:20.
Raymond: Yeah.

Nice timing.
Daniel: Yeah, we saw the IG post and we both bolted here so fast. Just couldn’t miss it.


Would you say Drake is the most lit rapper?
Daniel: Definitely. I’ve been listening to him since ‘08 and I just love his music. He’s great. No bad songs, honestly.
Raymond: I started listening to him around Nothing Was The Same, and I just love how he pulls different vibes from Houston, Atlanta, and even the Caribbean. Also, the fact that he’s from Toronto is inspiring.

Have either of you met Drake before?
D: Nah, I’ve been to almost every one of his concerts but I’ve never personally met him.

What would you do to meet Drake?
D: Oh my god bro, anything. It’s my dream to meet him one day.

Literally anything?
D: Literally.
R: Oh yeah, anything.

Interesting. Pick a lit Drake song. You have five seconds.
D: Ooh, "The Motto" from Take Care.
R: "Look What You’ve Done". It’s just really emotional, man.

Abby, 20, and Stephanie, 41

How do you guys know each other?
S: [laughs] We promised not to tell anybody, but…
A: She’s my mom.

That’s lit. Are you guys both Drake fans?
S: Huge.
A: Major Drake fans. It’s a special bond we have.

Do you guys have the same favourite song?
A: Um, for me, it’s "Controlla." It’s not even really out yet, but whatever.
S: I’ll agree with that because it’s popping off
[Author’s note: She said this while "Controlla" was blaring in the background.]

Have you guys ever seen Drake in person before?
S: Yes! I didn’t meet him, but I must have seen him six years ago, a little before his first album came out. He was at a casino. It was really surreal.


What’s the most hype thing about Drake dropping this album is?
A: Everything. I’m looking to all the good features, all the good songs, the new OVO fest. I just can’t wait to get more of him.
S: He always brings good music for the city and puts that out for the world. What’s not to love?

Jenna, 17, and Angie, 18

What was your reaction when you heard this happening?
J: I almost had a heart attack. We were on the way to Eaton Centre and we saw this truck, and I was like, “Angie, that’s a Views truck. What the hell is happening?”

Why do you guys like Drake so much?
J: He’s the Boy! It’s, like, Drake. His tracks are sick, he reps Toronto harder than any other artist does with their cities, and Toronto loves him back. Like, it’s all love. It’s Drake, man.
A: Honestly, same.

If Drake came out right now, what would you do?
J: Oh my god, I would cry. I’m already shaking from getting this t-shirt. My heart’s racing right now.
A: I would die. I can’t. I can’t.

What are you favourite Drake songs?
J: "One Dance" is getting me hyped for Views, but "Trust Issues?" That’s my go to.
A: "Pop Style." So good, man.

Drake VS Meek Mill.
J: CUT. Meek Mill gotta go.
A: Just no.

You guys don’t fuck with Meek Mill anymore?
J: That man is dead weight. Nicki’s man, that’s all he is.

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