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Angel Du$t's Video for "Toxic Boombox" Is Living Proof How Sweet Hardcore Is

'Rock The Fuck On Forever' is more than their new record, it's a way of life.

Rock The Fuck On Forever is a phrase everybody on earth should live their life by. If you're at your job, you should be kicking through those TPS reports like a real dude, or if you're at home you should be having the gnarliest nap known to man. That outlook on life is also the very fitting name of the upcoming record from Baltimore's most fun hardcore band, Angel Du$t. To set the tone off right for the new record, the band teamed up with Dani David-Spickermann to create a colorful, insane video for "Toxic Boombox."


Sonically, the track is an accurate indication of how the band likes to muck up hardcore; mixing classically fast-paced verses with ultra-sweet choruses. The song lends itself well for the visual, a totally weird and hallucinatory ride that mixes together animated versions of the band with a variety of other fitting images and sights, including a giant blue mouth that turns into a guitar, beefy dudes squatting and dancing, and some good ol' stage diving. You can either Rock The Fuck On Forever, or be a lame-o square forever, so watch their sweet new video and figure it out for yourself.

Pre-order Rock The Fuck On Forever right here. Catch the band on tour:

6/3 - Tijuana, Mexico @ You Revolution Bar *
6/4 - Pomona, CA @ PBW *
6/5 - Berkley, CA @ 924 Gilman *
6/6 - Portland, OR @ Blackwater ^
6/7 - Seattle, WA @ The Funhouse ^
6/8 - Olympia, WA @ Obsidian ^
6/9 - Santa Cruz, CA @ The Catalyst ^
6/10 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Regent (Sound and Fury) ^
6/11 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Regent (Sound and Fury) ^

* = w/ Big Bite and Odd Man Out
^ = w/ Gag and Big Bite