This story is over 5 years old.

Faith No More Get the "Shreds" Treatment

You knew this was coming.

Surely, as keen frequenters of the interwebs, you know about the wonderful YouTube phenomenon known as "shreds." Shreds videos take the audio from a band's video, cut it out, and overdub it with what it sounds like the audio should be. For people who "don't get" bands like Creed and Phish and AC/DC, shred videos sound exactly like what those people normally hear when one of their songs comes on the radio.


Faith No More is one of those bands that some people claim not to "get" so you just knew a shreds video was just around the corner for them. Well, since Sol Invictus, their first album in 18 years is being released next week, it seems like a good time for Faith No More to get the shreds treatment. So here they are from an in-store performance at Ameoba Records in LA, "shredding."

If you want to listen to the actual LP, you can do it and order your copy (of the real thing)(pun intended) . And now, let us waste the day in more shreds videos.