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Butt Stuff and Grandmacore: The Style We Saw at OWSLA: GOOD TIMES

Skrillex and friends played OWSLA: GOOD TIMES in Miami and we checked out the style on the scene.
April 3, 2014, 8:31pm

Photos by Jason MacDonald

Last week we headed to the first ever OWSLA: GOOD TIMES, a two day mini-festival in arts district in Miami, headed up by Skrillex, and featuring artists including Brodinski and Boys Noize, Chance the Rapper and and Benny Benassi, among others. We knew we'd snap some sartorial gold. Removed from the hype and cultural cachet of Coachella and SXSW, we found a stylist-free smattering of people with some massively entertaining getups. Outside of all the neon, their looks were all over the map, but these are some of GOOD TIMES' standout trends:


This guy is my favorite. That hair style exists for the sole purpose of adding drama to your head bopping. He can go right up there with Tobias Funke and Le1f in the jorts hall of fame. I'm all for gender neutral clothing, but on males this article of clothing has a particularly magical ability to neutralize any sexual gesture. A couple in jorts could be creating a child against a farmer's market stand and I'd still buy jam from them. Come to think of it, I'd probably buy anything from this guy.

Last summer there was an underbutt to be found at every festival and self-serve fro yo place, and from the looks of this girl, this year's shorts trend is being upgraded to just "butt." Showing that much of your lower body on an overcast day is a bold move—it's almost like you can't really know someone until you've seen exactly how their ass meets their leg. Judging from that expression, she may be regretting her drunk shopping decision and just wishing she could sit down on that hay.


Yes, girl. Pulling off a nude jersey unitard is no easy feat, but this babe has it down. Big yes to all of this. Although it's a big no when it comes to working your way out of a leotard in a porta potty situation. That's the stuff nightmares are made of.

I'm about this attitude. She's got that wide stance for stability, but it looks like she's still a lil off-balance from what had to have been a level 11 hair flip. Do you boo boo.


Lets take a moment to appreciate the yacht-party export flaunting power pastels. This guy takes the "real men wear pink" line to another universe (where sleeves are extra long), because I can't even fathom the courage required to wear white pants and white wingtip sneakers (!!!) into a porta potty used by hundreds of intoxicated people. I imagine that kind of internal piece can only be found through studying that one Oprah episode when she walks on hot coals.

Wow. It must have been really windy out for those tops to blow open like that. Did they just rewatch the Puff Daddy ft. R. Kelly "Satisfy You" video for billowing button down inspiration? I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's more likely that they just watched the American Dad spoof instead.


She definitely has a Tumblr. Part of what's great about the style at GOOD TIMES is that these looks aren't forced or scripted in the way that stylist-selected outfits and fashion blog aware kids rock fabrics at more established festivals. Which isn't to say that there weren't some certifiably ridiculous sartorial situations, but it looks like most of the people there woke up that morning and thought, "If my seratonin receptors could wear an outfit, this is what they'd choose." Into it.


This guy. If Dog the Bounty Hunter had a Scandinavian metal head cousin who moved to Louisiana and developed a passion for watching girls mud wrestle in the kiddy pool in his front yard this would be him.

Well damn. Simultaneously impressed and concerned. Grams was out here power clashing with her party finger raised while the rest of you suckers were sleeping or watching House of Cards or some shit.

We have seen Amalia's under butt, but she's smart enough to shield it on the subway. She's on Twitter - @graztifarian


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