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Kavale's Animated "West Drive" Video is a Neon Fantasyland of Girls, Pools, and Cars

"A tale of distant lovers separated by two cities."

Image via Youtube

Toronto's Kavale has dropped a video for his song "West Drive" that captures and comments on the glitziness of the rap and R&B worlds. The animated video made by Angela Estelle casts Kavale in a palm and pool-filled neon wonderland that may or may not be LA, even though a reference to Toronto's highways is made early on. Our hero wanders through this fantasy, getting lost in a plethora of bikini-clad women as his smooth flow on the song dances between R&B and reggae.

Kavale says the video is "a tale of distant lovers separated by two cities, the thought of being together is what keeps the lust alive. The song brings listeners on a ride through my thoughts of getting closer to my uptown girl." Watch "West Drive" below.

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