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Someone Has Shafted the Bookies by Putting £15,000 on Radiohead for the Bond Theme

All bets are now suspended at William Hill until they work out how they feel about all this.
July 29, 2015, 9:35am

After rumours of Idris Elba becoming the new James Bond were laid to waste, along with it went the arguably far-fetched hope that the theme would be his remix of Skepta's "Shutdown". It was all a bit of a pipedream, tbh, but we live in an age where Chief Keef's hologram was banned from performing on stage in Illinois. Weirder shit has happened.

James Bond director Sam Mendes recently revealed that the theme for new film, Spectre, has been written and recorded with the artist's identity to be revealed soon. But with absolutely no evidence to go on other than a cosmic hunch, some total liability from Middlesex, with a high net worth clearly, just slapped an audacious bet of £15,000 on Radiohead. After all, we live in a Britain where 1% of us have a spare fifteen grand to spunk on a bad joke.

William Hill cited an anonymous wild card from the south-east as responsible for the gamble, which pushed Radiohead to overtake Ellie Goulding as the bookies favourite. All bets are now suspended, until William Hill work out how they feel about all this.

I've never gambled in my life outside of playing pissed-up rounds of Big Two with packets of crisps as currency, but I would bet any odds that Radiohead soundtracking a Bond film starring Daniel Craig for the fourth consecutive time will be the most miserable thing Britain has produced since the Summer Budget.

William Hill's odds prior to suspending bets were as follows:

Radiohead (6/4)
Sam Smith (2/1)
Ellie Goulding (4/1)
Adele (5/1)
Lana Del Rey (14/1)
Lorde (14/1)
Coldplay (33/1)

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