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Badlands' New Track "Echo" is the Soundtrack to a Very Danceable Apocalypse

The new track from the Swedish producer is probably gonna be playin' at the club when the world ends.

Sharp, synthy arpeggios. Ghost-like vocals wooing you under their spell. Sinister cello set against cathartic production. Sounds spooky, dark and… kinda fun to dance to. An unlikely combo, maybe—but that's precisely the one you get with Swedish producer Badlands' latest track, "Echo".

According to Badlands (aka songwriter/producer/sound designer Catharina Jaunviksna), "Echo" is actually about self-censorship leading to danger—so "even though the first intentions might be good, it always ends as a witch hunt and nobody daring to speak their mind.” Keeping the term "witch hunt" in mind, she also calls it "a club tune, but with that apocalyptic twist” which is probably the easiest of the two descriptions to catch on to. "Echo" kind of makes you think of a monster, except that monster is swaying with bottle of Club-Mate in hand jus' minding its own business in the middle of a rave. The beat is crystalline and imposing and the vocals are soothing and sinister. In sum: we're pretty much ready to bet that when the world finally comes to a horrific, catastrophic and dramatic end—this is what's gonna be playin' at the club, people.

Upcoming show:

23/4/2016: Locus album launch at Grand, Malmö, Sweden