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Seekae’s Alex Cameron on Kirin J Callinan’s “Embracism”

On the eve of Seekae's Australian tour Cameron waxes on one of his favourite albums.

Alex Cameron isn’t one to mince his mince. One third of dapper Sydney electro outfit Seekae, the guy is literate, ambitious and easily able to pontificate on life and music. The band’s upcoming third album The Worry may be the first to feature Cameron on vocals but he is no stranger to twirling the microphone and working a room.

Cameron’s 2013 solo album Jumping the Shark was a collection of showbiz stories presented by his alter ego, a once successful performer who was not a little past his prime. He may be taking care of business but the business is terminal.


So it’s little surprise that Cameron regards Kirin J Callinan as an “Australian visionary” when it comes to music and performance. Callinan’s charismatic and confrontational track “Embracism” from the 2013 album of the same name left many scratching their heads but Cameron says that’s precisely why his music is relevant in Australia in 2013, 2014 and beyond.

Alex Cameron: It’s impossible for me to reflect on Australia's 2013 without pausing for a moment to consider Kirin J Callinan. And in pausing I find my focus unshifted from his single “Embracism”. The blunt approach lyrically and visually is so stark it might have you believe this is some dystopic vision. To me it’s quite honest in presenting a vision of the contemporary Australian man. I watch this and listen and I wonder – what more do you have to do? What else is there to say about this? In what has become a race towards broad appeal and diluted 'content' Kirin has projected a specific vision and in doing so challenged men and women everywhere.

I can recall hearing the song for the first time. It is an arresting number. It’s quite brutal. But instead of finding it unsettling, it filled me with a sense of empowerment. That such a brutal song can harbour the ability to evoke strength in the listener is real execution. This is one of those rare good ideas that became a good song. You can tell, Kirin knows he is delivering rock solid execution. And everyone else knows that not a lot of people are. It's a dangerous place to be but he seems to gather steam from it. I distinctly remember thinking this record would go far. Even further than where it has. I think it will, with time. It’s specific, blunt and tight sound sits in contrast with trend. He is a great Australian visionary. He is out there somewhere now. Good luck 2014.


Seekae’s "The Worry" is available September 12 on Future Classic.

Their national tour kicks of Saturday August 9 in Australia's home of masculinity, Darwin.

August 9 - Darwin Festival

August 12 – Brisbane at The Zoo

August 15 – Adelaide at the The Gov

August 16 – Perth at the The Villa

August 22 – Melb at 170 Russell St

August 23 – Sydney at the Metro

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