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26 Things Rolling Stone Readers Have Never Heard Of

Fuck you, dad!

Rolling Stone's "50 Things Millenials Have Never Heard Of" is a marvelously constructed piece of clickbait, a 50-page slideshow that manages to trigger nostalgia, confusion and the part of the brain that makes thinkpieces happen in both millenials and old people alike. But it's also a thrown gauntlet. It says, "Look at these kids! Ha!", explicitly declaring that the magazine's target audience is "not millenials".


So you don't want us to read your stupid magazine? Fine. Here's some shit you've never heard of. Fuck you dad!

1.) Young Thug

2.) Mishka

3.) The expression "dead ass"

4.) Charles Hamilton's fall from grace

5.) Tinder

6.) Chippy Nonstop

7.) Dab Gauntlets

8.) Gunplay

9.) Tiny Skateboards

10.) That "Mathamatamatic" Vine

11.) Cloud Rap

12.) Rosa Acosta

13.) Magikarp

14.) #gettintip

15.) Memphis Bleek's Garnier Fructis Commercial

16.) #been #trill

17.) Misandry

18.) The Bilderberg Group

19.) DJ Khaled and his Nuvo bottle in the "Out Here Grindin" video

20.) Boosie's verse in "Out Here Grindin"

21.) How ill Minor League Baseball logos are

22.) Roseate Spoonbills

23.) Ghosts

24.) "Matrix": The internet drug that lets you blow lines of your favorite websites

25.) The unfeasibility of starting a "career" in the traditional sense in this day and age

26.) "Type of Way"

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