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Grime Does Not Rest: Check "Hear Dis" From Chipmunk and Stormzy, Plus Two New War Dubs

A brand new banger, and some Christmas day beef from Jammz and Merky Ace.

While most of us see Christmas day as a time to hang with our loved ones, put massive bits of cheese into our bodies, and drink until we have irreparable festive kidney damage, it seems the grime world doesn't really recognise it as anything other than another day to drop music on.

First, Merky Ace and Jammz decided to toss the turkey and start a full on beef instead, sending war dubs at eachother across Twitter while your mum was watching Strictly. It all started on Christmas Eve when Merky Ace tweeted feelings about his flow being mimicked by other MCs in the scene, including Jammz. Then Jammz (who was included in Noisey's grime tracks of the year) took issue, and it escalated, resulting in a rapid fire exchange of one war dub each on Christmas day (listen to them both below, and read on for Stormzy and Chipmunk).

Then Stormzy and Chip decided to release a brand new track titled "Hear Dis". Taken from Chip's brand new mixtape, Rap Vs Grime (which is available now on the GRM Daily Bandcamp), the track sees both MCs in venomous form, and just incase you thought Stormzy was going soft during this festive period – with his Santa suit freestyle, Christmas number one campaign and G-Factor skit – then here's Big Mike with both fists out, starting his opening bars with: "Errrrrm, you cunt / Where was you for the last twelve months". Yeah, where were you? Listen below.