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Watch the New Video for Virgin Forest's Effervescent "La Croix"

Inspired by a carbonated beverage, this weird yet beautiful pop song is appropriately bubbly.

As some most of you may know, La Croix is a carbonated drink that comes in a myriad of flavors, the most popular—the most fresh—being “pure.” That’s water flavor, in case you were wondering. La Croix is a phenomenon in Florida, because Florida is gross, hot, and full of “water folk”. We don’t know what that means, but that's what Scott Stapleton, frontman of the Brooklyn-based band Virgin Forest told us, so we believe him. He’s from Florida, plus he wrote a song about La Croix simply titled “La Croix,” and it’s really, really good.


About 16 months ago, Stapleton broken his arm while in Germany and had to leave Brooklyn to go back South for surgery. During recovery (and only able to use one arm), he began writing songs again, but what came out of his free hand was the kind of electronic pop perfectly suited for coming down. “La Croix” is the first single of Virgin Forest’s forthcoming album. The video was shot by Matthew J. Walker at Xanadude in Brooklyn. It makes us wish the world was a permanent night club and every sink in North America poured La Croix—pure.