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Ja Rule is One Step Closer to Being Out of Prison, Let's Never Forget About Ja Rule Again

Ja Rule will never be a wanksta in our hearts.
February 21, 2013, 8:10pm

The Associated Press reports that around 9:30am today, Ja Rule was released from Mid-State Correctional Facility in Marcy, New York, after serving most of a two-year sentence for a gun charge. He was also serving out a 28-month sentence for tax evasion, and is now in a different correctional facility to serve out at least a portion of that time. However, smart money says he'll soon be in a halfways house, as that would allow him to make the approximately $1.1 million that he owes the government. Anyways, we're psyched for anything that brings Ja one step closer to freedom makes us happy.


Just as Ja Rule taught us that every thug needs a lady, Ja Rule taught us that every early-2000s pop-rap scene needs a Ja Rule, a sensitive thug with a voice that had seemingly been run through a cheese grater, singing, rapping, and sing-rapping through the Billboard charts. Though he might have had his cred single-handedly dismantled by 50 Cent back in the day, Ja Rule will never be a wanksta in our hearts. Here are some of Ja's most beloved songs of all time, fuck a deep cut:

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