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Watch New York Get Weird in Spank Rock's New Video, "Gully"

They say that New York is the greatest city on Earth, and this video is proof of it.

They say that New York is the greatest city on Earth. While there are various ways to interpret the city's greatness—its access to fine dining, its role as a global financial capital—when it comes down to it, New York is a unique place because it's a haven for things like pigeon coops and guys with snakes and dudes working out on the street and peep show theaters and cross dressers giving lap dances. All of which is sweet and all of which, naturally, is captured by director Sean Maung in the video for Spank Rock's "Gully."

The song itself is the kind of low-key party rap that Spank Rock has excelled at making for years, and it sounds more timely than ever to hear him going in, sotto voce, over this frenetic electronic track. Spank Rock is an incredibly agile rapper, and the track is the kind of thing that will turn out any kind of social function, from the type of low key apartment bacchanal shown in this video to legit rager. Play it for your friends and go nuts.