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Joker: "Old Era" Video

Joker gets animated to fight off some cyborgs.
October 15, 2012, 9:55am

I think I'll always associate Joker with making that gentle wub-wub dubstep with lots of twinkling noises a la "Digidesign", but this latest cut "Old Era", which he teased a couple of weeks back, sees a return to form but with a much more abrasive sound. Like, it's probably the most offensive bassline he's made, but somehow it works where DeadMau5 just makes you want to tear your brain out through your nose.

Anyway, he's got a video for the full track now, which sees an animated version of himself bombing around Mad Max style, fighting apocalyptic cyborgs. Yeah, not exactly groundbreaking visuals, but the track is pretty good. Pretty, pretty good.

"Old Era" drops November 5.