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What If Jerry Seinfeld Is on Wale's New Album?

Watch the teaser trailer for Wale's upcoming record, 'The Album About Nothing,' which features Jerry Seinfeld. 'Seinfeld' expert @Seinfeld2000's weighs in his expert thoughts on what this means.
September 8, 2014, 2:13pm

[Editor's note: We asked internet hero @Seinfeld2000—who spends his day tweeting and wondering about what life would be like if NBC had never canceled Seinfeld—to write about the teaser trailer for Wale's next record, The Album About Nothing. You can watch it above. This post has been copy-edited for clarity.]

Update: Wale has released "The Body," the first single from The Album About Nothing. Imagen streaming it below:

k, so remembar the epsoade of Senfeld where Jary is all braging about how he was the DJ at Joe Mayo party last year and he keeps going "I got JIGGY with it!" LOL so, ok, the next questien obvi its just like~what if that episode was modarn today? Honestly, Jery would just have to finaly step up to the plate and realy just, like, demenstrate his rap credentieles in a meaningful way does that make sense?

Which brings us to Wale, his a raper from Washington D.C. and hes BFF best friends with Rick Ross. Don't believe me? No problem, why dont you just quickly look it up on Wikipedia and you're imediately gona see for yourself that Wale is signed to Rick Ross's record company that's called the Maybach Music Group. Told u


Wale's next album is simply called The Album About Nothing and the reason that he just gave it that title is not a secret: it's because he's a totally huge fan of Senfend and he once even created a mix tape called The Mixtape Abot Nothing. On it, Wale even rap over the senfeld theme, and the mix tape is basicaly the only recorded music i ever listen to.. well thats is until Wale next album gona come out BABY!!!!!

Maybe it time in this artical now for me to just get rite to the point. The Album About Nothing, which is comes out later this fall, features none other than Jery Seinfield. The start of the trailer keeps building up as Wale scrutenize n search inside he’s soul, just examaning his life and career and like reflecting on some of the choice HE made (Gaga) along the way and what not. Which remind me of the time a few years ago Tony Robins once said to me “you must be acountable for your actiens thats part of the pathway to manhood, also how did you get inside my car ,it was locked”

When you watch this trailar u can literaly feel it in your chest, the pure raw unbridaled emotionel honesty power of a pure and true artist in confession mode as the trailer gets more climax and your just like, “ok Wale where are you taking me with this”. Then at about 2:30, as if descending from on high the god Jery Sinferd just appear and he and Wale hug in a moment that quietly signify, “we are two masters of our respective domain, each at the top of our craft’s, conecting and breaking bread as equels to create something that is greater than our selves lol.”

We have captured this moment in a .gif (which is a type of animated image invented by Buzzfeed thats will enable them to charge Neutrogena UK .03/cent more per unique impresion) becase its is an historic momant, not unlike when Orvile Wright met Wilbur Johnson for the first time and said "hey do you want to team up and be the guys who create flight and basically revolutionlize the world?" And Wilbur Johnson go "sure man, im gona be straight up w you, it sounds like loads of fun and a great way to meet girl’s becase there’s no eharmony yet or even computer.”

But then Orvile was like, k, and how about simply for marketing purposes, you change your last name to “Wright” as well, so we both have the last name Wright and we pretend were brothers. It make it more of a story that will make air travel an more easyer concept to sell, because it's realy out there man, just like the concept, and right now it's just the early 20th century or whatever, there's no reddit, so people mind’s are closed, like the general pubic is still realy closed-minded and won't really trust us to just be like, "ya you can just go up in the sky now” if we're not even brothers. Ppl will be like “there not brothers, no way hosay well just stick to hot air balons.”

Wilbur was like "mmm, that's kind of weird, its like, what about my identity, and how will I even explan this to my wife, whose name is Cora, or like, Dora, probably, because it's the year 1917 or some thing. Its defentely around then." But Orville was like "if you do this it will be a true test of your dedicateon to air transport" and also i will give you a back masage. Well Wilbert was like “my back actualy does hurt and its sore becuse i was carying so much hay all this morning” And that just seal the deal.


Anyway where was I. oh yeah. So, ok, to be completely honest, its this is my very true honor to present the ofical trailer for Wale "The Album About Nothing" feturing Jery Seinfeld ,who i think about all the time via my twetes, which i am constently writing and they imagen what Sienfeld would be like if its still on TV and what not

Like if it was modarn


The Untouchable Noisey Music Group


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