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New Zealand Gothic, Watch the Haunting New Video from Seth Frightening

The Wellington based songwriter has just released a video from his third album "But We Love Our Brothers and Sisters".

Watching the video to Seth Frightening’s new track “Bully” I’m reminded of Sparklehorse, the dour US indie band led by Mark Linkous who tragically took his own life in 2010. The haunting almost gothic imagery mixed with odd production and Seth's, real name Sean Kelly, haunting vocals adds a sense of sad beauty.

The song references empty boxes of condoms, broken legs, and morphine while the video, directed by Tristian Joseph Brooks features Seth and his friends sitting around a darkened room with crutches, banjos and a guitarist with a plastic bag over his head.


The Wellington songwriter has supported many of the guns of the indie scene including; Grizzly Bear, Low, Neko Case, Neutral Milk Hotel, Eric Copeland and Deerhoof but his profile outside New Zealand is low.

“Bully” is the first single from his third LP, But We Love Our Brothers and Sisters to be released on Wellington label Sonorous Circle .

We had a chat to Sean about the video and song.

Noisey: Who came up with the idea/concept for the video?
Sean Kelly: My friend and flat mate at the time Tristan Brooks. A friend and filmmaker called Dan Harris was also there having a go working the camera and saying things. It was filmed in a couple of hours on a whim pretty much.

Is the crutch a metaphor?
Not at all. I recorded the song just after I suffered a complex calcaneal fracture so there was still a crutch lying around. All my songs have particular meaning for me but I do welcome everyone who listens to take in their own interpretations. I like to think I write lyrics loose enough for people to take what they want. Even though I personal pronoun the fuck out of my songs.

The production is quite unique.
Essentially it is a four chord folk song.. I got a banjo and some guitars slinking it around and digitally distorted toy keyboard drums goin' off. There are some guitar pedals manipulating a vocal track and I beat my chest along to the song like a scumbag.