This story is over 5 years old.

Listen to the Super-Contagious Jangly/Jagged Riffer, "Guatemala" from Amanda X

Straight up ear candy.

Just a couple of months ago, we unleashed the Philly awesomeness of Amanda X and the fuzz-drenched, slanted and enchanted chugger they called “Parsnip.” Well, the indie gods were apparently smiling over that underground-shaking demo because legen-fucking-dary lo-fi label Siltbreeze scooped up the Illadelphia ladies and will be releasing their debut full-length, Amnesia on July 28.

Premiered here is the first saccharine taste of Amnesia, the super-contagious post-punk jangly/jagged riffer, “Guatemala.” Blending the dancey post-punkness of the Raincoats with K Records-influenced DIY pop playfulness, Amanda X churns out spicy, ear candy ready to be gobbled up.