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Stream Radioactivity's New Seven-Inch In Full Because It's The Weekend and You Deserve It

Basically, here's a summer friday streaming in full. You're welcome!
June 27, 2014, 3:04pm

I am very very very impatient. Radioactivity, The Novice, whatever it is you call them, had a near perfect LP with their self-titled from late last year that I have damn near worn out. I am already fiending for a follow-up. Fortunately, the also-members-of-The-Marked-Men have a new seven-inch available via Secret Mission Records, streaming now and in full below. The first press of the "Why" b/w "Danger" has flown out the door, but preorder the second pressing via the label. Much like everything the guys are involved in, it's sugar-y punk perfection.


Reminder, Noisey is proud to present The Novice (performing Radioactivity songs) at Baby's All Right on June 30 with Bad Sports, Nancy (who we interviewed), and Friend. You should go, tickets are still available.