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Pond Frontman Nicholas Allbrook Returns With a Surreal Take on Australian Life

Stream the POND frontman’s second solo album that's released tomorrow.

In the music game comparisons get thrown out more than two-year-old exercise bikes. While some are accurate, most are pure hyperbole. But we really like, “Justin Timberlake if he were a crack addict” that has been used to describe Freemantle multi-instrumentalist Nicholas Allbrook.

Allbrook, best known as the front-man of psych-rock outfit POND, former bass player of Tame Impala, and one half Allbrook/Avery, is set to drop his second solo release Pure Gardiya tomorrow. You can have a listen to it below.

There’s no question that Allbrook is a unique and intriguing performer and the new album, that features gentle guitar and piano, offers surreal and candid observations of national and personal character.

As Allbrook told us from Sweden where he is currently on tour, “I wanted magic and fun. I didn't want it to be a chore or a utilitarian process. I wanted it to be quick and organic and honest and open giving and loving and simple and beautiful, but I think it just came out like it is. Sorry to state the blindingly obvious.”

‘Pure Gardiya’ is available May 27 from Spinning Top Music.