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Trip Balls in an Uber with Direct Hit!'s Video for "Artificial Confidence"

Don't worry, the alligator man in the back seat will pass you the AUX cord.

Photo by Alan Snodgrass

Not that we would know or anything, but it’s not a great idea to drop a bunch of mystery acid and then get in an Uber. You’re in an unfamiliar car with a strange driver, traveling through dark streets. By the time the driver passes you the AUX cord, you’re tripping balls in the back seat, having visions of alligator people and what not. That’s the premise of Direct Hit!’s new video for “Artificial Confidence” which you can watch below. The Milwaukee pop punk band is about to drop their new record, Wasted Mind, which is a concept record inspired by William S. Burroughs' Naked Lunch and Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas that centers around a cast of drugged out characters. So pop a few of whatever you got from that sketchy dude outside the 7-Eleven and check the video out.

Wasted Mind is out on June 24 via Fat Wreck Chords. Catch them on tour. Dates below.

7/7 - Cincinnati @ Northside Yacht Club
7/8 - Philadelphia @ The Pharmacy
7/9 - Boston @ Cambridge Elks
7/10 - New York @ Shea Stadium
7/11 - Trenton @ Mill Hill Basement
7/12 - Richmond @ Strange Matter
7/13 - Baltimore @ Sidebar
7/14 - New York @ Black Bear Bar
7/15 - Buffalo @ Leopard Lounge
7/16 - Toronto @ Bovine Sex Club