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PARTYNEXTDOOR and Drake's Full Reference Track for Rihanna's "Work" Is Hilarious

It's full of quirky lines that didn't make the final cut.

A couple weeks back a grainy demo for Rihanna's smash Anti single "Work" surfaced with Drake affiliate PARTYNEXTDOOR on vocals. A lot of us didn't see it coming despite his name being in the credits as a writer. Today we the full thing has surfaced with deadly quirky lyrics that thankfully didn't make the final cut, like verse one, where Party sings "Mi pretty pussy a di tightest" and "Don't touch me wit nuh hepatitis" or the Drake guest verse which goes "You got a lot on your shoulders / Listen to me cause I'm older." It's charming but not all the way there. Goes to show just how much the magic of a great single is a function of a great voice and a little refinement. Stream the "Work" demo below.


Craig wonders why the Limp Bizkit line didn't get cut. Follow him on Twitter.