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Kendrick Lamar Lit a Fire Under the Grammy's Ass with His Performance Of "The Blacker the Berry," And "Alright"

The most memorable performance to come out of the 58th annual Grammys came from Mr. Kendrick Lamar.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

What Kendrick did at the 58th annual Grammy Awards was nothing short of iconic. Coming out wearing prison blues and his hands in chains to perform a medley of hits, the lights went off onstage to expose Lamar in neon body paint, dancing with the same people he was just chained. After transitioning to a makeshift African scene, Kendrick walked away after a swig of alcohol and found himself in a bleak are, this time in solitude instead of celebration. It was there that he performed an unreleased verse, the camera jumping back and forth across his pained face for dramatic effect.

Kendrick Lamar's positivity in the face of bleakness is admirable, but his ability to turn that attitude into art that continues to shake our paradigms is incredible. During the 58th annual Grammy awards, Kendrick Lamar outfitted the stage to look like a prison cell, and he as a prisoner. He ended his set with the words "Compton" projected in huge lettering across Africa. His message is about to make a lot of people uncomfortably face a conversation they've been trying to avoid, not unlike Beyonce was able to do with "Formation" last week. Kendrick Lamar controlled the crowd with a medley of songs from his recent Grammy-winning To Pimp A Butterfly, and it's not a performance we'll soon stop talking about. Watch the full video from Kendrick below.

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