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Agalloch's Aesop Dekker Propels Nostalgist's Shoegazey Catherine Wheel Cover to New Heights

The former Agalloch drummer guests on this Seattle shoegaze outfit's dreamy rendition of "Textures."
June 1, 2016, 2:41pm

Photo by Shane Williams

Whether you like it or not, shoegaze has become an inescapable sound and aesthetic that seems destined to latch onto all of your favorite genres. There's no escaping it, so instead of sifting through too many shitty bedroom Bandcamp pages, we’ll reintroduce you to an artist that does it right. Last year, we brought you Seattle’s Nostalgist, a trio that weaves together shoegazey post-punk into a monochrome prism of beauty, and now, we're got a sneak peek at an especially intriguing track off the band's upcoming new twelve-inch EP.

Their cover of "Texture," a cut off shoegaze cult legends Catherine Wheel's 1992 classic, Ferment, will appear on said EP. It will also be available as a free download from Brazilian shoegaze blog The Blog That Celebrates Itself, as part of a Catherine Wheel compilation that the blog is curating (continuing a series that includes tributes to.New Order, The Smiths, and more).

As for "Texture" itself, Nostalgist took the original song’s prettiest elements, and downtuned everything, collapsing into a slower pace that wrenches out the emotion in every guitar chord. The band also called on the talents of none other than former Agalloch drummer (and veteran of a million other killer bands) Aesop Dekker to deliver a proper crashing of drums.

It’s everything you want out of a cover; a reminder of both why Catherine Wheel have made such an impact on shoegaze, and why Nostalgist is a beacon of hope for the genre’s future.