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Watch Destruction Unit Wreak Havoc Across LA in "Salvation"

The video features Molotov cocktails, burning flags and maaaaybe a guy being force-fed blood.
October 2, 2015, 1:00am

"Salvation" is one of the most scuzzed-out, disconcerting and generally terrific tracks off of Destruction Unit's latest album Negative Feedback Resistor, and the song's newly-released music video drives those vibes home in a big way.

The video, directed by longtime friend of the band and Ukiah Drag frontman ZZ Ramierz, features assorted characters in rubber masks wreaking havoc across LA, hurling Molotov cocktails, burning American flags and maaaaybe kidnapping someone and force-feeding him blood.


Here's what Ramirez had to say about the video, which also enlists the help of mixed media artist Marfisia Bel:

"Salvation is subjective, even the trash gets to see the light. This song, to some, has the pulse of an endorphine fueled locomotive or the blinding chorus of dementia. In the city of Los Angeles, where this was filmed, there are many haunted degrees of consciousness. This video was the only way to paint this picture without spilling blood."

Check out the video for "Salvation" and Destruction Unit's upcoming tour dates below:


Oct 1, 2015: Munich, DE - Kafe Kult
Oct 2, 2015: Vienna, AT - Arena †
Oct 3, 2015: Prague, CZ - Club 007 Strahov
Oct 4, 2015: Leipzig, DE - Zoro π
Oct 5, 2015: Berlin, DE - Bei Ruth
Oct 6, 2015: Copenhagen, DK - Loppen
Oct 7, 2015: Malmö, SE - Inkonst
Oct 8, 2015: Stockholm, SE - Vieille Montagne
Oct 9, 2015: Oslo, NO - Oslo Psych Fest
Oct 10, 2015: Aarhus, DK - Aarhus Psych Fest
Oct 11, 2015: Hamburg, DE - Hafenklang
Oct 16, 2015: Brooklyn, NY - Baby's All Right ≈
Oct 17, 2015: Brooklyn, NY - Hand & Detail Carwash (646 Lorimer) %
Oct 17, 2015: Brooklyn, NY - Alphaville *
Oct 19, 2015: Allston, MA - O'Brien's Pub *
Oct 21, 2015: Ottawa, ON - Dominion Tavern *
Oct 23, 2015: Toronto, ON - Not Dead Yet * † w/ Lust For Youth
π w/ Red Dons
≈ w/ The Men
*w/ Latisha's Skull Drawing
% w/ Sheer Mag, Perfect Pussy

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