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"Whom Do You Mean?" - Bieber, On Shawn Mendes, Pretty Much

*chews bottle cap*

Bieber, seen here wearing a hat and hoodie for extra shade

This isn't an assumption rooted in facts or numbers, but I bet you that Canada produces a lot of pop stars per capita. Despite the fact that the entire country's population is less than that of California's, it's impressive that the most recent Billboard charts have The Weeknd, Bieber, and Drake as the top three songs in the world. But another Canuck looks to be fresh on the rise to the top: a certain Mr. Shawn Mendes. The Scarborough native has had a whirlwind year, touring with Taylor Swift for part of her tour, among other successes. But on the off-chance that you're still not sure who Shawn Mendes is, take pride in the fact that you stand with Bieber.

“Who’s Shawn Mendes?” asked Bieber while nonchalantly chewing a bottle cap on Ralphie Aversa's radio show on 95.5 PLJ. Radio. Continuing to dunk on the corpse of Shawn Mendes, Bieber replies with “Nice. Nice. Good for him,” after Aversa describes what Shawn Mendes has been able to do this past year while signed to Island Def Jam—the same label as Bieber. To be fair, Mendes has been blowing up the radio with "Stitches," and is a regular on Canadian television shows. See him here, performing the song of another more successful artist, and watch Bieber shade the shit out of Mendes below:

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