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Listen to Young Thug's Much-Anticipated 'Slime Season' Mixtape

Young Thug obsessives can finally feel some relief that it's real.
September 16, 2015, 8:43pm

For Young Thug obsessives, Slime Season was quickly becoming the type of project that rap dreamers have to learn to just quietly let go of: Long-promised, with little tangible music to go off of. It sounded like a nice idea, but who even really knows what music coming out of the world of Young Thug is even real? But it's gradually become realer, and the release of the "Best Friend" video, which made note of Slime Season in its description, earlier this week finally offered something substantive.


Now, it's here. It's the season of slime, as long promised. "Best Friend" is there, as is "Take Kare," the Lil Wayne collaboration from last year (are Wayne and Thugger on good terms again? What does this even mean?). And it's a whole 18 songs of the most inventive rapper working right now (one who, if you live in New York, you can come see with us in Central Park tomorrow). Anyway, you're excited; you've waited forever. You don't care that it leaked early off LiveMixtapes (who have a slightly different tracklist, with credits, below). Music is good. Just listen to the damn thing:

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