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Floor "Find Away" To Come Back Strong A Decade Later

New song from Oblation emerges

Steve Brooks has revived his doom-y pop project Floor with the new LP Oblation, their first effort in 10 years (preorder, out 4/25). The LP follows the band's genre defining classic S/T LP, so they have some big boots to fill. How does the new track "Find Away" sit beside classics like "Tales of Lolita," "Scimitar" and "Triangle Song"? Judge for yourself below, and look for the band to hit the road for a string of US dates soon.


In related news, Steve Brooks will play Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, NY on Wednesday (2/26) with his other band Torche, alongside post-rock/metal crew Sannhet and the punky Vulture Shit. The show, a Noisey event, is sold out.