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White Reaper's "Cool" Makes You Feel Cool Even If You Are a Huge Nerd

The garage rockers deliver a new song for even the lamest of Noisey readers.
May 29, 2014, 4:09pm

What does the word “cool” mean, anyway? Does it mean you’re really good at finding hip vintage Descendents hats at your local thrift store? Does it mean you stole a pair of skinny sweat pants from Soulja Boy while you were at a party at his house? Does it mean you’re really good at using lowercase letters on social media? Well, kind of all three, but at the same time the word “cool” doesn’t actually really mean anything at all. Technically, being “cool” is a social construct that human beings have created in our culture in order to ensure we can wake up in the morning and feel like our lives are worth something, even though they’re really not worth anything at all and we could potentially trip and fall down the stairs and die and everything would be over in a matter of seconds and in 100 years not one single person will ever know or think of your existence, let alone the dope Cam’ron socks you purchased on Etsy you were wearing when you died.


Anyway, being “cool” is all about knowing you are cool—and the first step to knowing you are cool is feeling like you’re cool. So that’s why Noisey is stoked to premiere the new track from White Reaper called, you guessed it, “Cool.” This garage rock does a great job of making me feel like I’m the greatest surfer in the world, that I’m king of the boardwalk, that when I walk down the street wearing a swimsuit all of the women will inevitably fawn over me. The reality is that I’m actually none of those things—I’m just a dude from the Midwest who’s never touched a surfboard and isn’t quite sure exactly what a boardwalk is—but who gives a shit, because as long as I feel this way, that’s the only thing in the world that matters. *cool guy emoji*

The track comes from White Reaper’s upcoming self-titled EP, which drops on June 24. Pre-order it here.